Thomas's Books & Manuscripts

Below are some links giving information on Thomas's book, Soon Will Come The Light: A View From Inside The Autism Puzzle.

This book won the 1994 national ASA Literary Achievement Award, and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2001.

Also below are excerpts from this book and others that Thomas has written and is currently writing. 

Thomas keeps a writing blog online detailing his many projects (non-fiction, sci-fi, fiction, childrens books, screenplays, songs, etc.) , that you can read here.  It will have excerpts from many other of his writings.

Published Book Review

Review published in 1994, written by then president of the Autism Society of Wisconsin, Jan Serak.

Sections And Excerpts

Read selected clips from Soon Will Come The Light. Try before you buy.


Sections And Excerpts II

Read selected clips from Light On The Horizon, Thomas's second book, now out of print.

Original Manuscripts

Click here for information on how to get copies of original manuscripts from Thomas.