Original Manuscripts

Occasionally Thomas is asked for copies of the original manuscripts for one or more of his books.  These have recently been unavailable. 

Due to renewed interest, Thomas has set up the following policy for anyone who wants one.

The following manuscripts are available:

Soon Will Come the Light

This has sold at ASA auctions for over $250.00

This is the manuscript of Soon Will Come the Light as submitted to publisher

This is the book that took the ASA award for literary excellence in 1994, and is still today required reading at many colleges teaching autism courses. Manuscript contains extra pages (and information) not published in commercial version, and is complete with errors and addendum of corrections and additions for second printing.

Light On the Horizon

This has sold at ASA auctions for over $150.00

Out of print

The very rare, first print edition of Light On the Horizon, sequel to Soon Will Come the Light. Only 350 copies of the book were actually printed (most of which I have) so this is rare indeed!

Mira Trilogy

This has sold at ASA auctions for over $200.00


This is the rare, unreleased book that became the foundation for Soon Will Come the Light. Written in early 1991, it is significantly more "personal" Than Soon Will Come the Light. Many things were edited out and the book was renamed before it was published. Also contains poetry not published in Soon Will Come the Light.

To get a copy of a manuscript, please make a donation to any state or local chapter of the Autism Society of America.  Size of the donation is up to you. Please make it generous if you are able.  (Previous donations do not apply.)

Notify Thomas of said donation (providing a copy of the receipt) and an autographed copy of the manuscript will be mailed to you free of charge.  Be certain to inform Thomas of shipping address and anything you may want written on the autograph.