Links on the Web

Below is a small sampling of what Thomas has in his "Favorites" folder. 

(Which doesn't necessarily mean he agrees with all the content therein...)


Autism Society of America (Thomas served five years on the board of directors.)

GF/CF (Gluten Free/Casein Free) Diet

Temple Grandin's Site

Autism Asperger Publishing Company

Great Plains Laboratory


Fibromyalgia Network (Lots of excellent and accurate info on the disorder at this site.)

FibroTalk (Thomas hangs out in the support chat room sometimes.)

Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Center

Fibro Hugs


Medic Alert (Thomas wears his like a good boy.)

Free Medical ID Card Generator (For those who can't afford the Medic Alert.)

Drug Side Effects, Interaction, and Information (See if that drug you are taking is safe.)

Explanation of TENS

Fresh Air by Ecoquest (Thomas has one of these and wouldn't be without it.)


Resources for Writers

StoryMind (Thomas has bought products from here before and would again.)

FAQ about Fan Fiction

Playwriting 101: How to Write a Play

Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Scripts

Download Radio Drama Template (Thomas would love to see what you write with this.)

Writing on your Palm (Writing on a Palm Pilot?)


Club 100 (For the old Model 100 laptops.)

Unofficial CP/M Web Site

Old Version Dot Com (Older version of the software, but free!)

PDF995 (Make free PDF files.)

Local (Bedford, VA) and Friends

Bedford City, VA (Thomas's home.)

Bedford County, VA (Also Thomas's home.)

Bedford Public Library System


Other Sites

Audio Books for Free

World Famous Comics

Kentucky Colonels (Thomas is a Kentucky Colonel.)